Terms and Conditions:

  • Party – Legal Representative agrees with the course terms and conditions, and undertakes to pay the required tuition. The Party shall become a member upon submitting the signed application form and transferring the payment. The missing amount must be supplied before initiation of the attendence inBarvička. The Party declares to be medically fit to attend the selected course and to be acknowledged that course which has been paid shall not be refunded (with the exception of serious health reasons). If necessary, the Party accepts any organizational changes of place, date or time. The course commencement and termination take place upon the dates specified in the application form. The Party/ Parent agrees that any captured photos or videos may be published and used forBarvička‘s self-promotion.
  • The Legal Representative agrees, that in case of meetings outside the permanent venue (the studio, etc.), children meet and leave from a predetermined place or exit a vehicle nearest to the home after agreement with a lecturer. In case of sudden absence of a lecturer, a child shall be released to go home 15 minutes after envisaged commencement of the appointment. Any disagreement must be stated in the application. Parent acknowledges that if a lesson is cancelled by a lecturer, it is only for serious reasons (illness, operational reasons, no supply work, etc.).
  • The data provided in the application is handled by the Law on the protection of personal data. Barvička may reject a participant application form for a course for serious reasons (full capacity, out of age range, previous conduct, disciplinary violations of participant, missing synergy of legal representative, etc.). During the course, it is possible to cease the activity of participant after repeated disciplinary violations about which the Party/ parents have been informed in writing (in e-mail). In this case, participant may be excluded from the course with no refund of the tuition. The Party undertakes to pay the damage caused intentionally. Barvička reserves the right not to open the offered courses due to an insufficient number of candidates. If a course is canceled, the Party may either request a transfer to another course or automatically receive a full refund.
  • Download the Terms and Conditions here.

Application form

  • Download application form to join Barvička courses
  • Information for parents
  • The lecturers regularly (quarterly) inform parents about the individual progress of each student through notes in aspecial journal
  • After a half year, we organize an exhibition of works made by our pupils during a specific time period
    (parentsare invited to exhibition opening, but they can also comeand see it later at the agreed time
  • Once per year, we invite parents to

    watch our short videoprojection of the
    pupils working on the various projects. Besides, the event includes an art
    discussion or performance.

  • Once a year, pupils get a large part of their creations to carry them home

Ratolest Fest – květen 2014

DSC_0016 DSC_0041 DSC_0060 DSC_3185 DSC_3188 DSC_3195

Narozeninová oslava – duben 2014

obrázek-1 obrázek-3 obrázek-5 obrázek-7 obrázek-9 obrázek-11

Barevný svět – březen 2014

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Kurzy pro nejmenší – únor 2014

001 002 003 004 005 006 nejmensi nejmensi5 nejmensi6 nejmensi9

Noční fantasy malování UV barvami – leden 2014

P1230181 P1230186 P1230187 P1230189 P1230194 P1230196 P1230199 P1230201 P1230207 P1230208 P1230214 P1230217 P1230219 P1230220 P1230228 P1230235 P1230239 P1230240 P1230258 P1230261 P1230278 P1230279 P1230280 P1230282 P1230284 P1230285 P1230289 P1230292 P1230304 P1230306

Mikulášské malování – prosinec 2014

001 002 003 004 005 duha-1 duha-2 duha-3