First grade courses

The course is suitable for all first-graders in elementary school. During one lesson (lasting 1 hour) per week children develop their creativity and fantasy.

Through art expression, a child finds his satisfaction and joy, which are the most important factors supported by this course through different themes and techniques in a pleasant sunny room of our Barvička atelier.

We try to motivate children to apply their personal skills for further development of their personality. The lessons are designed for each child to have his own pace and to engage with teamwork, too.

If children draw with a purpose and what they feel, it usually takes much longer to represent graphically what they really see. This is the reason why we would like to lead children to express their inner world through various techniques, experiments – e.g. collage, comic, etc. together with giving enough space to traditional techniques such as drawing and painting.

The first grade courses are led by our lecturer – Petra Haplová. We will choose a suitable day of the week (starting at 4PM) according to the number of participants.

The complete course consists of 15 lessons.

Price: 2900,-Kč (ca. 105€)

Course content

  • Lesson 1 – SELF-PORTRAIT, perceiving yourself captured in collage
  • Lesson 2 – COLOR IN MOTION, drawing anything that moves
  • Lesson 3 – COMIC in an unconventional way
  • Lesson 4 – HEAD ON HEAD, creating an object (part I.)
  • Lesson 5 – HEAD ON HEAD, creating an object (part II.)
  • Lesson 7 – PLAYING WITH PAPER, paper possibilities and its use
  • Lesson 8 – STONE PAINTING
  • Lesson 9 – MY HERO, creating our own mask
  • Lesson 10 – DREAMLAND, painting

(More lessons will be added and specified in relation to the children’s feedback.)