Courses for children

The courses are suitable for children of all ages (3-year-olds and older). Each specific group is typically put together after the consultation with a lecturer. Course content is prepared individually.

The aim of education is to develop and use all the senses, awareness of our body, acquirement of practical skills, eye and hand coordination a strengthening fine motor skills with various art materials and tools.

Besides focusing on the development of children’s imagination and fantasy, we familiarize them with the basic art techniques such as painting, drawing, dimensional creation, collage, linocut or combined work.

Within drawing, children attempt to work with link and learn to capture reality. We deal with the issue of light, shadow, contrast and diversity of materials. Also we try various drawing techniques and work with charcoal, sanguine and pencil. Children learn to portray simple object first and only then (according to the group advancement) they try to draw more complex compositions.

Within painting, children acquaint themselves with a variety of painting techniques and learn to capture depth, space, luminosity and colours as well as to retain their unique style. We also pay attention to development of colour feeling, combination and mixing of colours or their imitation according to reality and nature around us. If we just do not feel like painting inside our lovely atelier, we go and paint outdoors in nature.

One of the things we also pay attention to within the courses are favourite combined techniques. Children like to create collage compositions or paintings from photos. These techniques are especially suitable for the development of imagination.

We draw inspiration from seasons of the year, art movements or historical stages. During a course, children always get acquainted to the most significant works of our history.

The course leading lecturers are empathetic and cheerful professionals that can impress, direct and entertain your children.

The complete course consists of 15 lessons.

Course fee: 2900,- Kč (ca. 105€)

We offer a follow-up Semestral course of study drawing for older children.