Russian language courses


Russian language courses are led by Margarita Žachavec, an experienced academic painter, active artist and lecturer, who has much experience of working with children and adults.

Art courses are designed for the beginners, advanced and for those, who think they are not good enough. Margarita works with students in small groups preferring the individual approach.

The complete course consists of 10 lessons (2 hours, once a week)

Price: 2990,-Kč (ca. 108€)

First course is free of charge with no obligation. Come see us whenever you like!

Course content (5-10 years)

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Graphic arts techniques
  • Art workshop for children (experimenting with various materials)
  • Overview of art history
  • Modelling and working with clay
  • Dimensional creation
  • Colours and colour mixing
  • Playful painting tutorial

Course content (5-10 years)

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Art workshop
  • Overview of art history
  • Summer outdoor painting
  • Watercolour painting
  • Entrance exams preparation
  • Theory of colours
  • Basics of composition
  • Basics of perspective
  • Introduction to theory of colours
  • Working with various art tools
  • Landscape
  • Still life painting
  • Body Art